Summer Lovin’ | The Essentials That Every Woman Needs Ahead Of Summer 2019 [AD]

To be totally honest, I’ve been kidding myself that it’s summer ever since the clocks changed. However, the truth is that the long hot days of summer are now edging closer by the day, meaning it’s time for everyone to get excited. I know I am.

Here’s all you need to make 2019 the best summer ever!

#1. The Wardrobe
I don’t think there are many greater feelings than packing your winter clothes away in storage. However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll look at last season’s summer outfits and wonder what were you thinking. Thankfully, hitting the shops to treat yourself to new dresses, bikinis, and t-shirts is a joy. Start wearing them now, and you’ll feel extra summery even before the best months of the year arrive. Look great, feel great. It really is that simple.
Unlocking your summer style on a budget is very possible too. Charity shops, online outlets, and upcycling last year’s clothes are all fantastic options.
#2. The Summer Skin
With a little bit of luck, the summer will be kind enough to provide a natural tan. Still, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little head start by using a little fake tan or spending some time at the salon. Sun kissed skin will leave you feeling more confident. In turn, this is sure to enhance your summer experiences with significant results. For similar reasons, this is the perfect time to invest in a winning sin routine too.
While every body is beach ready, you may find that a few weeks of extra exercise helps you tone up and generally gain more energy. Perfect.

#3. The Hairstyle
If you’re going to invest in your natural beauty and summer style, you should also give your hair some TLC. Virtual reality allows you to test different styles and colours, which is a lot of fun and could unlock your summer style. Then again, you might stick to your current look. In this case, you still deserve to have your split ends treated while also using the right products for daily care. The right hairstyle breathes new life into your appearance and will bring summer success.

Versatility is another key feature. So, do be sure to learn some basic five-minute hairdos for when your main style isn’t suited to the occasion.   

#4. The Accessories 

Every girl knows that accessories play a huge role in building the complete look, especially in summer. Jewellery choices will have a significant impact. This is why versatile accessories like hoop earrings should be high on the agenda. When coupled with the right bag, you’ll be ready for anything summer has to throw your way. I love knowing that I can head out in the daytime and stay out until the evening without feeling obliged to go home and change. You will too. 

In truth, the best accessories aren’t just for summer. Still, this is the perfect opportunity to take stock and treat yourself to a few extra items. 

#5. The Planned Adventures
Summertime is all about creating those magical memories in the great outdoors. Moreover, having a planned holiday to look forward to is something that makes the mundane work life far more tolerable. With so many cheap vacation destinations now available, everyone deserves to enjoy a summer adventure. After all, travel truly does broaden the mind while also providing the magical moments that are set to last a lifetime.
Whether you travel alone, with friends, or your family isn’t overly important. All holidays are sure to provide your highlights of the summer.


#6. The Spontaneous Adventures
While having something planned is important for your mindset, the best adventures are often unplanned. The UK is blessed with some truly incredible road trip destinations that I know I’ll be embracing this summer. Whether you have a spare weekend or decide to book time off at the last minute, this can be a great way to take your summer to the next level. This type of adventure needn’t break the bank either.
Alternatively, a last minute garden BBQ can be a great way to get some of your family and friends together for cheap laughs and great food.


#7. The Playlist
We all make connections between music and our memories. As such, building the soundtrack to your summer should be considered an essential part of the fun. Spotify, iTunes, and other online streaming services all make it easier than ever. Combine a few club classics with your personal favourites, and you’ll be set for optimum enjoyment all summer long. Whether you’re at home, on the beach, or out for a family bike ride doesn’t matter, those tunes will make a difference.

#8. The Care Products
I’ve already touched upon the use of skin and hair products, but it’s not all about unlocking your best look. As much as we all adore the sunshine, it needs to be respected. Extended time in the heat can lead to sunburn, sunstroke, and other conditions. Sun lotions and aftersun products are essential for everyone, even when you’re blessed with oily skin. Similarly, staying hydrated throughout the long summer days is a responsibility you cannot ignore.

Sadly, you won’t enjoy the rewards of summer if you’re in bed recovering from sun damage. Prevention is the best form of protection. Do not forget it.

#9. The Camera
The summer months are sure to be filled with love and laughter. While those moments will live long in the memory, capturing them forever will add something special. Your smartphone camera is a great starting point, but I cannot recommend the investment of a digital SLR enough. Or, if you’re an explorer, GoPro cameras are ideal too. Either way, the images and videos you take can be enjoyed again and again. This is particularly useful when winter arrives.
If nothing else, the snaps you take can be converted into stunning canvas prints for the home. There’s no better type of décor.

#10. The Attitude
Finally, regardless of what you do this summer, make sure you do it with a positive attitude. Seriously, it can make all the difference to your adventures, even when you do the simple things like going for a bike ride or spending a day at the beach. Do this, and you will live life to the full.

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