UK Road trip Destinaions | Travel

After living in Manchester for 4 years, it is possibly my favourite city in the UK! It has so much going on all the time, whatever time of year you will find events, shopping, restaurants, bars, markets, exhibitions and so on! For me it is less than a two-hour drive so we head there fairly often! My best friend has recently moved there too so it gives me even more of an excuse to visit! I think my favourite thing to do in Manchester is shopping in the day time followed by food in one of my favourite restaurants and cocktails and dancing in a few bars! Albert Schloss has to be up there with my favourite ever night out destinations.
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2019 Bucket list Destinations | Travel

In an ideal world I would book so many holidays for next year as I feel that I am craving another get away! However, with an credit card bill to pay off that will not be feasible. So here is my Bucket List for next year with a few potentials thrown in too. 

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SoHo Cinders | Theater Review

Following the run-away success of last year’s sell out production of The Baker’s Wife, Hessle Theatre Company make their return to Hull Truck with the local premiere of Soho Cinders, a hilarious and heartwarming twist on the Cinderella Tale.

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Hull Truck theatre to see the performance of Soho Cinders. As soon as I saw the poster for this show I was intrigued and thought it would be something I would enjoy so when the opportunity arise for the #HeyBloggers to get involved I jumped at the chance.

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Top 5 Restaurants in Miami | Travel

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Shredding for the Wedding | The Results.

A few months back I wrote a blog post all about how I was losing weight for my wedding. I bought my dress a size too small with the goal of losing at least a dress size. I would say I was a big size 14; I had at least a stone too loose. I had a year to do so however, I was not great at motivating myself. I joined the gym and ate healthy and a little weight did come off but I needed to get it shifted. 

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Last minute thoughts before the wedding!

Today I wanted to share a few thoughts before the wedding this weekend! I can not wait to share all the photos from the day and from our Honeymoon which I am VERY excited for! I feel like its been a very long time coming and now its finally here!

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8 Wedding Theme Ideas | Wedding

1. Mad Hatters Tea Party
This has been a popular one for the past few years now, scrapping the traditional sit-down meal for a more casual tea party alternative. A lot of venues actually offer this option now to making it easier to arrange your theme. You could have little drink me potions as your favours, names written on playing cards, old-fashioned keys as a decoration and teacups and saucers as your centrepiece. As always Pinterest is a fabulous source of inspiration, especially for this theme.

2. Around the World
This was a very close choice for me as I have seen the cutest travel themed stationary, plane tickets for invites how cute! Tables named after countries, a map as your table plan, you could even have a globe as your guestbook! I think you can make this very personal by choosing countries that you have travelled to together and use your own possessions that you have collected as a centrepiece. You could have magnets from different countries as your favours.. ahhh maybe I need to change my theme!

3. Festival Chic
This has been a massive trend this year! I have seen it at so many wedding fairs, people opting for tipis as their venue and having everyone camping instead of a posh hotel! I like this idea as you can make the tables nice and bright and you can include lots of pretty flowers too. The invites could be festival wristbands or even lanyards.

4. Luxury
A classic theme has to luxury, you want your special day to be the best it can be so why not go all out on lavish fabrics, colours and accessories. I recently saw beautifully decorated candelabra at a wedding fair that was covered in amazing flowers and jewels however it was £500 per tables and I do not have that kind of budget (although they were amazing). You could include lots of jewels and sparkly bits making the venue look a million dollars ;)

5. Disney / Marvel
This is something you see pretty often but can be interpreted in so many different ways. You can have subtle hints or just go all out! I quite like the idea of choosing a film theme for each table i.e name them after each price & princess such as beauty & the beast. I presume it will be a lot of hard work but it would look amazing! I have also seen a lot of people having a cake that on one side just looks like a regular wedding cake and once you turn it around each tier is Marvel themed! They look incredible but I'm sure they will be pretty expensive.

6. Music
How cool would it be to have a 'Gig style' wedding! You could have festival wristbands, name your tables after your favourite artists, have CD's as your favours and of course have different bands and singers on for your entertainment! Why didn't I think of this sooner, it would have been great!

7. Alcohol (Gin!!)
So this is the theme I have actually gone with! We had invites designed up to incorporate our favourite Gin's, we have gin themed tables which matches our table plan. We have a Pimp your prosecco/Gin station! And of course, lots of Gin on hand to drink! We have only added this as a subtle theme as our venue is so beautiful there is no need to decorate too much!

8. Woodland
Another very popular one, especially on Pinterest. If you are the outdoorsy type this would certainly suit you! You could even hold your ceremony in a forest or woodland area. I love the idea of bringing in wildflowers to your centrepieces and having log slices with names on for place settings, you can really go all out with this theme and make it look super pretty too!

I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration for your special day, I'm sure I could have gone on and on with different ideas but I suppose that is what Pinterest is for!!

Planning a Traditionally Modern Wedding

Photography by: Rebecca Robinson

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