'Shredding for the Wedding' Loosing weight before your big day | Wedding

When choosing my wedding dress last year I decided that to feel more comfortable on the day I would like to loose some weight. I suppose this is a thought that goes through most 'Bride to be's' minds as of course you want to look your best on one of the best days of your life. Lots of people have actually asked me 'ooh are you having any thing done are you loosing weight etc' and I feel that it does add a sense of pressure. To add the extra pressure on myself I thought it would be a great idea to buy my dress in a smaller size! Which I am happy I have done but I am also worried as I now only have about 11 weeks to sort myself out! Last summer I joined my local gym and had been going semi-regularly.
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My top 6 tourist destinations in South East Asia | Travel*

I love exploring the popular tourist hot spots in the destinations I visit and of course my trip to South East Asia was filled with them. I know a lot of people complain that places are over touristy but I think if a lot of people are heading there then it must be a great place to visit! Why not visit this website and book your next trip filled with these amazing destinations. 

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Surprise Loved Ones With These Spontaneous Gifts! | Gift Guide*

Surprising loved ones can be done in a variety of ways, but when it comes down to the universal language of telling someone you care about them, a gift often goes the furthest! And after all, you don’t need to wait for Mother’s or Father’s day to buy someone you loved a nice present to remind them how much you love them. And hey, sometimes it just feels nice to be able to hand someone a neatly wrapped parcel!

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Just Chill! Relaxing Things to Do on Your Downtime During a Holiday | Travel*

Whether you only put aside a couple of hours in the morning or evening to relax and do nothing or have an entire “lazy day” in the midst of paradise, simply letting your hair down and chilling out around the hotel can be a great way of recharging your batteries for the next adventure.

Here are a few fun things you can do on your downtime during a holiday, whether you’re staying at the Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, or a campsite in the Lake District.

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Bridal Party Gifts | Wedding*

With less than 100 days until my Wedding, I am starting to look at the finer details such as favours, decorations and of course gifts for my Bridal party. Typically the bride gives bridesmaids gifts to her bridesmaids and maid of honor, and the groom will give groomsmen gifts to his best man and groomsmen. We are keeping up with this tradition so today I am going to share with you some ideas that we have had so far. (By we I mean me as Darren doesn't really get why we should give them gifts *face palm*)

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The Kings Head Pub Beverley | Review*

Last night Darren and I were lucky enough to be invited to sample some delicious dishes from the new spring menu at The Kings Head pub in Beverley. I have been to the pub before however; I had not eaten there so I was excited to try it out. When I say pub you sort of visualise this outdated, miss-matched furniture and stained old carpet type of place but I can tell you The Kings Head is the exact opposite. 
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25 things you learn when you turn 25 | Lifestyle

1. You realise saying 'he was in my year' (as in school year) is becoming a little less unacceptable. 

2. You cringe at what your 18-year-old self used to get up too.

3. You start to enjoy a good Saturday night in with a film and a bottle of wine.

4. You learn what you actually enjoy drinking rather than just drinking as much as whatever you can to get as drunk as possible.

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Cosmopolitan Diva Fizz | Review*

A week or two ago a different form of blogger mail turned up in the form of bottles of fizz! I was lucky enough to receive a few bottles of Cosmopolitan Diva. I had not previously heard of this brand but I was intrigued to try them out and see if I could be converted from my usual tipple !!

Cosmopolitan Diva is a lower abv (5.5%) Low calorie fruit sparkling wine that is available in various flavours along with a non-alcoholic addition too. Each drop of sparkling wine has passed through an exclusive pure gold filtration system!

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