Summer Lovin’ | The Essentials That Every Woman Needs Ahead Of Summer 2019 [AD]

To be totally honest, I’ve been kidding myself that it’s summer ever since the clocks changed. However, the truth is that the long hot days of summer are now edging closer by the day, meaning it’s time for everyone to get excited. I know I am.

Here’s all you need to make 2019 the best summer ever!
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Celebrating Easter with delicious treats | Gifted*

How great is it when you are at work and then a delivery arrives for you! This amazing little box dropped on to my desk yesterday and I was too excited to delve inside but I had to refrain so that I could take a couple of snaps to share with you all too.

When I got asked if I would like to receive a delivery from Biscuiteers I jumped at the chance as I have been wanting to try these for ages! I have seen them included in lots of PR packages and new brand releases that my favourite YouTubers 'unbox' on their channels. I felt pretty excited that I would receive my very own beautifully decorated package. 

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Perfect Picnics with the Popcorn Shed | AD

I personally love a picnic! For me there is nothing better than an array of food where you can help yourself, have as much as you want and try lots of things! I suppose anything like Tapas, or a buffet I am game for! I was recently invited to a friends for a Saturday night catch up and as soon as she had mentioned that she will get us some snacks in I was like hell yesss! I packed the prossecco and the popcorn and she provided crisps, dips and other 'dippable' items.

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Bouncers at Hull Truck | Review*

'This new production of Bouncers has been re-imagined for the new generation of nightclub goers'.

Darren and I were invited this week to visit Hull Truck to watch the performance of Bouncers! We saw it advertised a little while back and said we really wanted to go so when the opportunity arose we jumped at it! We had heard so many great reviews of the performance over the years so we wanted to check it out for ourselves. 
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New Year, New Me, New House?

Firstly, Champagne & Lemonade is now 7 years old! For 7 years I have shared various thoughts, feelings, photos, memories and so much more! It has been a journey, starting off as a Fashion blog, making its way to beauty, covering home wares and events along with food reviews and travel now, I just call myself a lifestyle blogger who doesn't really have a niche. I think the great part of having a blog is to document your life. Last year I shared a lot around my wedding which I loved doing. I have been thinking a lot whether or not to carry on with my blog, whether to completely start again from fresh, whether to migrate platforms and even if to change the name! I think what a lot of people don't know when it comes to blogging - it actually costs money to make some of these changes and right now I don't feel that i am in a position to be able to invest in this. 

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HEY Bloggers Christmas Party

For the past 5 months together with the other HEY blogger founders I have been helping to plan a Christmas event. We wanted to arrange something near Christmas to get us all feeling festive and include lots of local brands and promote them around this time of year. We had a nice evening at Violets house planning the event and then collectively we got to work, we secured an area at the newly opened Lexington bar which is part of the Double Tree Hilton, we started planning the logistics, speaking with local businesses and inviting lots of bloggers and creatives! 
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For Her Gift Guide | Christmas*

I have already written a post about things I would like to receive and my for him gift guide so now its time for my for her guide! This is one of my favourites as I find buying for the ladies in my life a lot easier. Basically, woman are far easier to please than a man in my opinion. 

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Gift Guide for Him | Christmas*

I love putting together Christmas gift guides, and this year is no different. I have already written a post about things I would like to receive and this one is all about the men in my life! Or your life if you are here for inspiration! To be honest looking over last years gift guide, not a lot has changed. I always buy chocolate, socks and gin because you just can not go wrong with that!
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