HEY Bloggers Christmas Party

For the past 5 months together with the other HEY blogger founders I have been helping to plan a Christmas event. We wanted to arrange something near Christmas to get us all feeling festive and include lots of local brands and promote them around this time of year. We had a nice evening at Violets house planning the event and then collectively we got to work, we secured an area at the newly opened Lexington bar which is part of the Double Tree Hilton, we started planning the logistics, speaking with local businesses and inviting lots of bloggers and creatives! 
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For Her Gift Guide | Christmas*

I have already written a post about things I would like to receive and my for him gift guide so now its time for my for her guide! This is one of my favourites as I find buying for the ladies in my life a lot easier. Basically, woman are far easier to please than a man in my opinion. 

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Gift Guide for Him | Christmas*

I love putting together Christmas gift guides, and this year is no different. I have already written a post about things I would like to receive and this one is all about the men in my life! Or your life if you are here for inspiration! To be honest looking over last years gift guide, not a lot has changed. I always buy chocolate, socks and gin because you just can not go wrong with that!
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Date Night at St Stephens Hull | #AliveAfter5*

If you know Hull you will know there is plenty to do aside from shopping in St Stephens shopping centre but did you know that the stores are open until 7pm on most week days & 8pm on a Thursday! I certainly didn't (despite living in Hull for most of my life!) I quite often forget that there are a variety of restaurants that you can visit along with a bowling alley, arcade, rock climbing and cinema that all stay open till late! We where recently invited by St Stephens to visit a restaurant and the Cinema! It is the perfect place for a date night and now Darren and I are married we want to take the date night opportunity as much as we can to beat the post wedding blues!
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My Christmas Wish List | Gift Guide*

OMG - its November so that means we are officially allowed to chat Christmas! I have already started my Christmas shopping as I am pretty busy over the next few weeks so I wanted to get a head start. Today I wanted to share a little post filled with items that I would love to receive this year. I think I have done this post for the past few years now so it only seems right to kick off the Christmas posts with this one!

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#giveyourselfsomesanctuary | Relaxation Tips*

Having time to unwind and chill out is a must for those of us with hectic lifestyles! Working full time, running a blog, cooking,cleaning and doing house work alongside having a social life can get pretty crazy at times so making sure there is room in the schedule for down time is a must. We usually have jam packed weekends of visiting family and friends or sorting the house out so whenever there is an opportunity to have no plans at all we relish in it. I love a pamper session just as much as the next gal so when I ha no plans last Sunday I took the opportunity to do just that!
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Owning my first home | Lifestyle*

This space of the internet that I call my blog has been with me for nearly 8 years now! Which as I have said so many times before was really not my intention! It has, grown, changed, flourished and even been abandoned once or twice but it always come on my life journey. We have spoken about University and life after, renting my first home, going on my travels, buying my first home and most recently my wedding. Each stage of my life I have hit my blog has been by my side and I am pretty lucky that one day I will look back and read through some horrendous amazing posts all about my life!
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Top 5 SEO Tips for Bloggers | Tips & Tricks*

Top 5 SEO tips

I have wanted to write this post for a while as SEO is something I really enjoy learning about and implementing. Its something that sounds a little daunting at first however it can be super easy and can help help build the credibility of your blog. I wish it was something I learnt a lot sooner in my blogging life as going back though old posts and up dating them is a mammoth task trust me! I wanted to share a few easy, quick win tips that you can start doing straight away.

SEO -Search Engine Optimisation - otherwise known as making your content desirable to Google! 
DA - Domain authority - How trustworthy your website is.
Meta Data - The bit that appears in the search results
Key Word - a word that relates to the subject of your content or the other all theme of the post

1. Name your images 
This is something i am guilty of as it is a bit more effort however, if you are naming each image that is uploaded to you blog with a relevant name that relates to the post this will start to make your blog appear in google image searches as well as becoming more of a credible website. For example if you have written a beauty product post make sure you name your images with the brand name, potentially your blog name and words like 'review' and 'impressions' as this is what a reader my type in to tehir search engine. 

2. Add Meta data
For those of you who use Wordpress or similar platforms you should really be adding meta data to every post to you write. Meta data is what appears on Google, so the title along with a short line that details what the post is. You have to be cautious of how you write here as Google may decide to cut this leaving you with something that does not make sense. If you download a plug in such as Yoast on Wordpress this will help you out in terms of character count. I would always recommend you title to include what the post is about and the name of your blog so for example for this this post I may write:
SEO Tips | Tips & Tricks | Champagne & Lemonade.ox 
I would also add a short meta description for example:
Read my top 5 tips for adding SEO to your blog posts to make them optimised for google ranking and to increase your domain authority. Check it out on Champagne&lemonadeox.co.uk
Always try to keep it relevant and think of key phrases that someone may search for. Something like 'my reaction to the best ever product' would really not work i your favour as a title as know one will ever find it on a search engine.

3. Internal & External Links
To improve your domain authority something you may want to start adding to your posts are internal and external links. This make your blog appear much more credible and also helps you either self promote or promote products you love. I always try and link to a previous post in my posts so that i am creating internal links and I try to promote at least one other site in my posts too. Something relevant for this post would be to link to another great article featuring more SEO tips such as this one from Click Consult who have a lot of great articles that can help improve your SEO. 

4.Key Words
Think about what subject you are writing about and see how else you can re-write and re-phrase that subject, think about how others might say it or describe it as this is what they may search for. Additionally, you may write a post about a certain beauty product, use that products name in the blog post title, the meta description & title, the URL, the image name and any tags you add to your post. That way the reader searching for that product will get to your post quicker.

5. Create great content and promote it!
I recently learnt that when your blog posts are shared by other this can increase your domain authority! So if you write interesting and unique content and share it so that others will find it then you have a better chance of it being shared. If you ahve put all the effort in to create the content you will really want to actually read it or else it would have been a waste of your time.

Do you have any SEO tips?

If you have any questions feel free to tweet me @lemonadelifeox

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