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I personally love a picnic! For me there is nothing better than an array of food where you can help yourself, have as much as you want and try lots of things! I suppose anything like Tapas, or a buffet I am game for! I was recently invited to a friends for a Saturday night catch up and as soon as she had mentioned that she will get us some snacks in I was like hell yesss! I packed the prossecco and the popcorn and she provided crisps, dips and other 'dippable' items.

I thought this provided a great opportunity to try out some popcorn that I had recently been sent. Just for full disclosure they have not asked me / paid me to write about this but as I loved the product I thought why the hell not! I had seen this brand The Popcorn Shed  floating around my social media space for a little while and thought that I would like to try it out as I am a huge popcorn fan! I was sent a few different flavours to trial and they did not disappoint. 

My favourite flavour was the salted caramel (which is not a surprise to me as I love anyyything salted caramel) I also was big fan of the pecan pie flavour too as it had whole pecans in the pack. 

The flavours went down well with my friends too as we demolished a few different packs alongside all our other picnic treats and pizzas too! I do love a good girly catch up especially when it includes food and drinks. I think now I am a little older I find more enjoyment in a night in with my friends rather than a night out on the town (especially in the winter). Now we are at the age where we have been buying our own homes its nice to have nights in having catch ups. 

What are your favourite snacks to have for a night with your friends?
*Products provided by popcorn shed I was not obliged to review or write a post.


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