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Since my last post a few weeks ago about Luxury honeymoon destinations, we have finally booked ours. I mentioned I would love to go on a cruise and we have decided to do just that! As well as visit Miami, I am incredibly excited as I have never been to any where other than New York in America and I have never been on a cruise so it is going to be a whole new experience! I have already been 'pinning' to my hearts content to find lots of fun activities for us to do but if you do have any recommendations please do let me know. 

I really enjoyed writing my last post so I thought I would do another! There are so many amazing places to visit in this world and I could not possible list them all but I thought I would share a few more that I have researched. 

South African Safari
I have already done this so it wouldn't be on my list for a honeymoon but I can honesty say it was one of the best experiences of my life! I would recommend it to anyone, its so much fun and can be very romantic too. I have seen some beautiful lodges where you are literally in with all the wild life walking around you. you have big outdoor bath tubs and huge glass windows so that you can look out over the land.

A very popular destination as of late, Dubai can be adventurous, romantic, you can party or you can chill and similarly to south Africa this is somewhere I have already been. I visited with family a few years back now but I would like to visit again with Darren! Thinking along the lines of Sex in the city 2 I would love to go on a camel ride through the desert and then stop for a picnic  how romantic is that! Dubai has so many exciting things to do and see so I think I need to go back and explore some more. A lot of flights do a stop over in Dubai so sometimes it is a perfect opportunity to stop for a few days and see somewhere new.

The Philippines
I didn't manage to visit the Philippines when I was visiting Asia however I have seen a lot of Philippines romantic vacation packages. It is some where that I would love to visit as it looks incredible. Im pretty sure it would be similar to Thailand & other South/East Asian countries that I have been to and I loved each one for various reasons so I would love to add it to my list. A few people I met while travelling had been there and said it was great experience! I have also heard that the food is amazing too!

If you are still in need of some inspiration why not look at some Long stay holidays from Holiday gems. You can find some fantastic deals and it will maybe even help you out when it comes to picking the perfect place. Sometimes its hard to settle as you are still looking for the 'perfect place' so having a site that helps you our a little is very handy! Especially when you can find a great deal at a great price!

I hope this post helps in finding your own perfect luxury honeymoon or even just a holiday! 

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