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Viking Arty Party
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A few weekends ago Amy and I travelled over to Leeds to attend the Viking Arty Party hosted at Lamberts Yard. We where told that it was Christmas theemed so we where very excited to get Christmas crafting. I wasn't sure what the plans where for the event but I love crafting so I knew it would be lots of fun! 

We arrived and was offered some mulled wine which felt very Christmassy (I was driving so had to decline) We where split in to groups and where told what activity we where set to do first. Me and Amy where File printing first. We had to create a shape and stamp it on the file. Mine didn't really turn out the best but i suppose it was an okay first attempt and it was fairly easy so something I may create again in the future - possibly when making Christmas cards? To help us make our crafts we where directed by Jane and Maddie from Tea and Crafting  who where very helpful and informative when showing us what to do ! 

After our first craft we stopped for lunch. We had turkey and stuffing sandwiches which where so delicious and defiantly needed as I was starving!! It was nice to sit and chat with some others, thats probably the main thing i enjoy about events as its a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and make new friends.

After lunch we moved on to cracker making, this was good fun and I intend to finish all mine off before Christmas! The plan was to make 24 and create an advent calendar however Im not sure if I am just going to make crackers for the dinner table. We used this lovely Glitter paper in christmassy colours which all look so good together !

Finally we where joined by Joyce from Artsynibs  to learn calligraphy! I have always wanted to learn this, I didn't realise how hard it actually is. I am such a perfectionist and I just felt like I could not get the hang of it. I think I will need a lot more practise before I go making my own Christmas cards. 

I just want to say a huge thank you to Viking for organising such a fun event and for getting me in the mood for Christmas ! 

Will you be doing any Christmas crafts this year?

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