Finding the perfect Dress | Wedding

Finding the perfect wedding dress

The ring is on your finger, the date is set and you’ve selected your bridesmaids. Now you need to find the perfect wedding dress! Finding the perfect dress can be challenging and stressful. There are hundreds of wedding shops and you certainly don’t want to visit all of them. I myself only visited 3 shops and in the 3rd shop I found the perfect one! Last weekend it actually arrived in store and I had to go try it on to check I was still happy with it and I was !!

Finding the right dress is an important part of getting married. You want to look and feel fabulous! To make the process a little less stressful and more productive, here are some top tips when on the hunt for the perfect dress.

Research Wedding Shops in London
The best way to start is to research wedding dress shops in your local area. London has so many wedding shops, so narrowing things down and searching your local area can be a good idea. Search for wedding dress shops in north London, south London, or central London if you want to brave the masses! When researching, it’s important to look at what dresses they offer. Which designers do they stock? Do they have sample sales? Do they have dresses within your budget? Check all of these things.

Finding the perfect wedding dress

Book Appointments at Selected Wedding Shops
Once you’ve found one or two shops to visit, your next step should be to make an appointment. Planning your visit ahead of time means that the boutique will be ready for your arrival and can give you plenty of space to try on your dresses. Try and book appointments in the morning. If you book an appointment in the afternoon, be sure to have a light lunch so you don’t feel bloated during the fitting!

Keep Your Budget in Mind
The average wedding costs over £27,000 and the average wedding dress costs over £1300. Wedding dress shops have a variety of dresses, all with varying price tags. Of course, if we had enough money, no doubt we would buy one of the most luxurious, expensive wedding dresses, but it’s important to keep your budget in mind.

If you’re looking for a cheap wedding dress without sacrificing style, this isn’t a problem. There are some great ways to find cheaper gowns which still focus on quality. The essential part is to make sure that, when shopping, you only look at wedding dresses within your budget. You don’t want to be disappointed later down the line.

Don't forget to include your accessories in your budget too like your veil and jewellery. Something I think I am going to do is try some on in store to see what suits and then look at other online stores to see if I can get one at a cheaper price.

Wear Appropriate Shoes and Underwear
While the focus of the day is the dress, you’ll need to think about when you’ll be wearing the dress on the big day. Wearing a strapless bra and seamless underwear is the most suitable for trying on different dresses.

It’s also useful to bring a pair of shoes which will be a similar heel to those you want to wear on the day. All of this will give you an idea of how you’ll look (and, just as importantly, how comfortable you’ll feel) come wedding day.

Finding the perfect wedding dress

Don’t Bring Too Many People
Opinions are great — but too many of them can make things difficult. Bringing too many people with you when wedding dress shopping can often leave you feeling more confused than before you started. Bring along one or two friends and family who you know will be honest. Some people should be left at home during the fitting and can enjoy seeing your dress for the first time on your big day — not just your husband!

Ask Plenty of Questions
Wedding shops are used to answering plenty of questions from brides-to-be, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want. They’ll understand how important this decision is and will want to help you every step of the way.

You need to know how long the dress will take to be ordered, the best way to store it and if alterations are included, amongst all manner of other queries. Be sure to come prepared with a list of questions to ask before you make the final decision.

Whatever dress you’re looking for and whatever your budget, your dress will be out there somewhere. Make sure to follow these useful tips to track it down!

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