Browns Family Jewellers | Cluse Watch Review*

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Browns family Jewellers to ask if I would like to receive a watch. Obviously I said yes as I know they stock such beautiful pieces! I was so excited to browse their collection and the brand that caught my eye immediately was Cluse. I have seen a few Cluse watches on Instagram and I thought they where so elegant and pretty I knew that I would love to feature one on my blog.

I decided to choose this one as I loved the grey leather strap paired with the gold detailing. I wear a lot of grey colours so I thought it would match well and I have my Omega silver watch so I thought it would be nice to choose a different metal to pair with other pieces of jewellery. They also have this watch in Black & Gold and Pink & Gold if your not as in to grey as me!

I really liked the fact that this watch didn't come in a traditional style box like other watches, it came in this beautiful flux leather casing, perfect for packing in a suitcase or weekend bag! Also I wanted to note that the strap is really comfy and sits really well unlike other watches that can be a bit stiff at first. 

I have seen from Instagram that Cluse are actually launching a jewellery range so I'm excited to see what they have to offer!

Something else I wanted to share with you is this beautifully designed info-graphic about the history of watch fashion, so if you are into your watches and jewellery it is an interesting read. (Featured below)

I hope you this inspires you to buy a pretty new watch too!

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  1. Cluse do such beautiful watches! I love that grey colour - and the clutch bag!! When I need a watch upgrade, I'll definitely be checking them out


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