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Things have been quiet from me on here for a while as we’ve had loads to do with moving house and getting ourselves set up but I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a little while now. 

A couple of weeks ago, the guys at Dobell Menswear sent me an awesome Grey Tweed-style blazer. I was over the moon when it arrived as I’ve been on the look out for a blazer like this for ages and just hadn’t found one that was quite right.   

I’d had a look around on the website to see what else they had on offer and could have quite easily spent a fortune, but I thought I’d see how the blazer was before I went too crazy.

When I unpacked it, I kept finding more and more aspects of it that I really liked. 

The overall look and fit of the blazer is brilliant. I sometimes struggle with jackets like this as I have broad shoulders but a slim waist so I tend to have to go for a ‘slim fit’ style so that I don’t look like I’ve stolen my dad’s clothes!

The fit is really nice and comfortable with enough room to move, so I was already impressed.

Then as I started looking at the details of the blazer, I liked it even more. I know nobody really sees it when the jacket is on, but the lining is probably one of my favourite elements. It looks and feels like a really high end product and has quite a quirky edge to it as well.

The buttons are again something a bit different and there’s a small pin that comes on the lapel that adds a little bit more to the look. 

In the past, I’ve always felt as though I needed a pocket square or something to make my other plain jackets look a bit more interesting, but with this one I didn’t! It looks really good on its own – which again I was impressed by.

When I first wore it, I was heading out for a meal so wanted to go semi-formal and just wear it with a plain t-shirt underneath, but I think this would look great with a shirt underneath as well. Even with just a tee on I still got a couple of compliments for how smart I looked.

It’s a really versatile blazer which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like to have to think too much when picking out an outfit!

All in all, I can’t rave enough about this! I’ve been thoroughly impressed and will be heading back to these guys for more stuff very soon!

*I was sent the blazer in return for this post.

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