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top tips for attending wedding fairs

Since I have been back in the UK every weekend has been filled with wedding fairs ! We have been to at least one a week! I think so far we have been to around 7? and we have a huge one coming up in Manchester too! So today I thought I would share a few tips if you are about to attend your first one. 

I had no clue what to expect apart from there will stands with people giving you information about their business! The first one that we attended was about half an hour away from us and it was pretty big which I wasn't expecting. We was all of a sudden bombarded with leaflets which brings me on to my first tip..

top tips for attending wedding fairs

1. Don't take what you don't need. 

This may sound silly but we ended up carrying around soo many flyers and booklets for all sorts of things and once I got home over half of them got binned ! Its obviously good to get them to have options but we know we won't be having a magician or casino tables so there is just no point in taking the information from them. We had a chat and decided what we did and didn't want so it made it easier when we went to other fairs.

2. Take a bag! 

As I just mentioned you get given lots of info so our rookie mistake was just just carry it all around! If you take a bag you can just throw it all in and look through it once your home.

3. Have a look what suppliers are attending the fairs. 

We rocked up at one the other week which literally had 5 tables, none of which we actually liked so it was a pretty pointless venture out! Since then I have had a look to see if it will actually be worth while. 

4. Have a date in mind. 

Vendors are more likely to chat with you if you have a date booked or at least in mind. I felt like they wasn't too bothered with you if you said you hadn't booked yet! You can always just make this up or tell them that you are just gathering ideas. 

5. Don't go crazy. 

We left our first fair wanting it alll !! We wanted an ice cream van and a sweetie cart and two wedding cakes, that is just too much! Its good to have information from each vendor so you can make a decision but you also have to be a little more realistic in thinking you cant have everything. 

top tips for attending wedding fairs

The next two fairs I will be attending are:

I hope this post is helpful for any newly engaged couples :)

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