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As my trip is nearly coming to an end (only two weeks left) I thought I would share some images with you that I for one am pretty impressed with and that sum up a few of my favourite moments from the past 10 weeks. I will be overloading on all the reviews and tips posts once I'm back home as I have found it pretty difficult to actually be able to edit my posts to make them look decent. However they shall be coming at you as soon as possible :)

Halong Bay, Vietnam
We visited the very popular tourist desination of Halong Bay in Vietnam. The scenery was so beautiful and well worth the two busses and two boats it took to actually get us there. We stayed on the small island named Monkey island just for a night. It was really good fun and I would highly recommend.

Koh Rong Samlon, Cambodia
Another popular island to visit we stayed in the Mad Monkey Hostel which I also reviewed.  This image was really popular on my Instagram that's why I thought i would include it within this post! I would deff recommend staying there for a fun but relaxed time.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia 
I wanted to include this as this is deffinetly a 'money shot'. Hundreds of people get up at 4am to make their way to the temples to see the sunrise and take this exact photo. Unfortunatly when I visited the sun didn't really rise but it was still worth visiting after no sleep !! 

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand 
Once again an island shot. This photo was after a long trek up a mountain, sweating and wanting to stop but the view was sooo worth it! This is a must do if you visit Phi Phi island 'cause if you didn't get this shit did you even go ;) 

Krabi, Thailand 
I really love this photo as a little further from where this was taken was where my boyfriend proposed to me :D this was the most amazing day of my life and I just had to share this very candid photo with you all (more to come on the engagement very soon). 

These photos were all just taken on my iPhone and I truly wish I had been able to invest in a proper camera before my trip as I know these photos would have turned out even better. This post is in collaboration with Lumix and if I could relive these moments I would have love to use the 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic for amazing picture quality. 

I hope you liked this post and are excited for me to share with you more of my travel adventures ! 

*This is a collaborative post.

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