Ultra Dex Dental Hygiene | Review*

Ultra Dex Dental Hygiene

A few of us Hull Bloggers recently had a little mini meet (Mainly as I wanted to see them all before I jet off on my travels)  This consisted of 7 of us all going out for tea at Furley & Co. in Hull trailing there new menu, chatting all things blogging ! Kat was kind enough to source us some little goodie bag items and included within this was this box filled with products from Ultra Dex.

Ultra Dex Dental Hygiene

Ultra Dex Dental Hygiene

Ultra Dex Dental Hygiene

I have used a few bits from Ultra Dex in the past including the interdental tape, mouth wash and interdental brushes and I have really liked them so Im glad I have the chance to once again. Im pretty sure that there isn't going to be any products left when I come back from travelling as I reckon the boyfriend will get hold of them but I don't mind so much as we always share :) He will really like the low abrasion tooth paste as he has sensitive teeth. So I'm making the most of them before I go. 

However, I was really happy to see a few little minis included within the box as I can now take these away with me ! The tooth paste and mouth wash have already been put in to my in flight essentials and I already had an Ultra Dex breath spray packed. The tooth paste will probably only have one or two uses within in it but that is perfect for my flight as it I will be travelling for 24 hours. 

I shall do my best to give an update on how I get on with my little travel minis and if they come in handy or not :D

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*These products where part of a goodie bag sent for review purposes. 


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