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Spring Interiors

Once spring comes around we all feel like having a bit of a refresh. Whether it is having a clear or a clear out or just updating the interiors it always feels good to update your home in time for the summer. I thought I would write up a few little tips of how I would update my home.

Bring the outside in
Adding a few flowers and plants to your home can really improve your mood! Apparently brighter colours actually improve our happiness ? Could be madness but any excuse to have flowers if you ask me. You can never rely on the great British weather so why not enjoy fresh flowers and plants indoors!

Update your bedding

Choosing a lighter duvet for the warmer months is a must to avoid being too hot while you sleep. Change your bed covers at Yorkshire Linen and add a touch of colour in to your room. . It will really brighten the place up and make the place feel lighter and fresher.

Clean, fresh colours

Adding in colours such as greens, lemons, pale pinks and of course white will instantly brighten up any room. I really loving that combination of colours at the moment Im instantly drawn to them. 

Fresh scents 

You've added in your flowers but why not update you candle collection too and introduce new more fruity and floral scents in to your home. Im a huge fan of the Lily flame candles. They have citrus, daffodils and dandelions and even cut grass scent! 

What do you do to refresh your home?

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