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Today I have something a bit different to share with you all :) This is a guest post from a fellow Hull blogger Mike ! Male bloggers are hard to find so I thought it would be fun to let Mike share a post while I am away on holiday :) I hope you enjoy something a bit different, and big thanks to Mike for sharing this content.

Hi, I'm Mike, and firstly thanks to Alex for letting me loose on her blog!

What I've decided to blog about is some of the products that I use that make me look acceptable every day - I hesitate to use the term "beauty product" as I am something of a perhaps less than stylish gentleman that is more at home behind a computer shooting monsters than on a catwalk.

Nevertheless, even I've learned a bit about where you and can't cut back money to look half decent every day.

So here's the range of things I'm going to look at.

Firstly, Bulldog Original Face Wash is pretty awesome stuff.  I love using this in the shower, it's a great cleanser and I like all the essential oils and gubbins that goes in it.  I managed to pick it up on offer in Waitrose and definitely recommend it.

Next up is No.7 for Men Energising Hair & Body Wash.  Again, I got this cheap with a £5 off voucher from Boots, to be honest I wouldn't pay the full price for this (£7.50) but for the price I paid it's a good buy - it works well, soaps up easily, and I also like the practicality of it - you're taking one bottle into the shower (aka Wash & Go), it's shape means that you can place it upside down on the window ledge to let the gel run down to the right end.  Plus it's got the word "energising" on the bottle which must be good.

I must admit that I'm not very adventurous when it comes to aftershave, I am a CK fan boy, and Escape is my favourite one.  I do have a tendency to dry shave (which absolutely wrecks your skin, I am trying to use shaving gel as a matter of course, but I need some better manual razors first) and a blast of this after a dry shave really wakes you up!  That aside, Escape just smells good.

Razors - from the left we have a Wilkinsons Hydro, a Shark, a Shark 2.0, and a Gillette Fusion.  The Wilkinsons Hydro and the Gillette Fusion are the best of these, the Shark 2.0 isn't bad but I can't seem to lay my hands on blades for it.  Unfortunately at the moment I do have a load of spare blades for the Shark so I feel forced to use them even though they don't really give that good a shave.

Referring back to dry shaving, one of the reasons I dry shave is that the blades don't get gummed up with shaving gel (bearing in mind how experience they are for the better razors), that said I suspect I have a tendency to use too much gel, and if I just cut back a bit it's actually okay.

I hope that you've enjoyed this glance at my bathroom kit, I'd love suggestions from people as to things I should try, and thanks again to Alex for having me on her blog!

When not sleeping, gaming, eating or drinking extremely cheap beer Mike blogs at The Blog of Thog at

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