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Whether you’re planning on buying Christmas gifts for your mum, girlfriend, aunt or nan, this gift guide is for you. There’s no need to feel confused about what to buy for the ladies in your life this Christmas. Just use this guide and you’ll get it right!

If she hasn’t got a pair of GHDs, she probably wants a pair. Even if she doesn’t, she probably just doesn’t know it. GHDs are high quality, and last for years upon years. They’re virtually indestructible. Not only that, they can do so much more than just straighten hair. They can create loose waves, ringlets, and just about any other style that you want.

Mighty Purse
The mighty purse is a useful little fashion item designed by a woman who constantly found herself without battery. The mighty purse not only looks stylish, but can charge a mobile phone too. It’s a great accessory for a busy woman to carry anywhere with her. You can find unusual gift ideas from Cuckooland like this and more.

A Foot spa
What sort of lady doesn’t like to relax with a foot spa? Taking care of our feet is essential. We wouldn’t get very far without them, would we? A foot spa can help a busy, stressed woman to take a load off. It can save so much money when it comes to going to a salon too!

A Salon Treatment
If you want to treat the lady in your life to a luxurious gift, a salon treatment might be a good idea. You can find vouchers available at lots of reputable salons. All you need to do is go in and ask. Whatever you do, don’t buy a treatment from a salon you haven’t heard great reviews from. There are horror stories about the salons you find on Groupon!

Personalised Jewellery
Personalised jewellery is a really thoughtful gift. If they like to wear different pieces of jewellery, you just need to pick something they’ll like. You’re bound to find something that isn’t too risky, such as a dainty bangle or a ring. Having it personalised will make it so much more exciting!

A Candle
I say if you can’t think of a good gift, you can’t go wrong with a candle. Designer candles are all the rage and will make any house smell amazing!

Microwaveable Slippers
In these chilly winter months, microwaveable slippers can be a lifesaver. Plus, I know so many ladies whose feet are constantly cold.

A Slanket
A slanket is another perfect gift for winter. Like a blanket, but with sleeves. It covers you completely, but allows you to read, eat, and anything else you might feel like doing.

Bath Bombs and Other Cosmetics
Bath bombs and cosmetics are a nice treat for beauty addicts. Lush have an amazing Christmas range in this year, from mistletoe bubble bars to Northern lights bombs.

You’re bound to find something on this list that any lady in your life will appreciate. Happy Christmas shopping!

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