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My third installment of my new little series meet my blogging friends ! This week it is Clare's turn ! 

My name is Clare and I blog over at all about fashion, beauty, food, travel and everything else in between.

Why did you start your blog?I started it as a way to show off jewellery I was making in Sixth Form and since then it's changed into a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

How long have you been blogging?Probably too long! I started my blog around 9 years ago and it's been my hobby ever since. 

What is your favourite part about blogging and what makes you carry on?The blogging community has to be one of the best parts about blogging, there are so may lovely people to meet! 

What has been your best opportunity that has come as a result of your blog?I was recently invited to Morocco to explore Marrakech, something I would never have even dreamed of when I first started my blog!

What blogs do you love to read?I still love the blogs that first inspired me to start blogging like Style Bubble as well as the ones my blog has 'grown up' with like WishWishWish, What Olivia Did and Jazzabelle's Diary. There are so many local blogs in Manchester too, I love discovering new ones!

Any think you want to add about me and you as blogger friends ;)I still haven't met Alex even though we've been chatting for ages, I'll have to track you down at the next event!

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