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I was asked to think about my happy place at home! Bit of a random one it made me have a little think and I was intrigued. Where is my happy place? What makes a place happy? 

I asked my boyfriend, who I live with what he would say my happy place is, instantly he said bed! (As in to go to sleep, obviously). I love being in bed, from the minute i'm home from work i'm looking forward to putting my PJ's on and getting cosey in bed.  I haven't always been like this and I think it is actually my current flat that I just love the bedroom! I think this is because over the past four years at university I have only had one room to call to call my own! This has been my bedroom/work space/chill space all in one and now I am living in my little shared flat with my boyfriend we chill in the living room and well i work at work so when i'm in my bedroom its to sleep !

I think it helps that I love my bedding, my pillows, my colour coordinated candles and it just makes me happy. Every evening we have a little routine of getting ready for bed and then watching one or two episodes of friends before falling asleep. This routine makes me feel ready for sleep and I then wake up refreshed the next day :D 

I use to really struggle with sleep and I actually wrote a bit of a post about it before so it makes me happy that now I have a lovely calm environment where I am happy! So I guess that is why my bedroom is my happy place at home. 

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*This post is written in collaboration however all words and opinions are my own.


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