Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge | Health and Fitness #4

The final instalment of my DW Fitness challenge posts ! I thought today I would share with you my final thoughts and of course the lovely dress I was sent from Weird Fish ! I wasn't so sure of the dress when I first tried it on as its a longer length than I would prefer but once I paired it with a pair of nude wedges I really liked the way it looked. Its not my personal style preference but I think it looks a lot better on once your all dolled up and ready for a lovely summers BBQ or evening out. Thank you Weird Fish for opening my eyes to different styles :)

My Final Thoughts: 

I found the challenge really hard to stick to. I probably wasn't in the right frame of mind due to exams end of uni new job etc all happening at once so I could not 100% focus on it. I also found out I must eat Gluten free so changing my diet was really hard. I didn't particularly loose any weight however, I lost a few cm here and there so that must mean I am beginning to tone up ! 

I wasn't overly impressed with the DW gym, the facilities where always really clean and looked after however the staff wasn't so great. I was never shown round even when asked and they didn't seem like they wanted to offer up any advice. The classes where good however as some one new I wasn't instructed what to do and sometimes was confused. Every time I went along I had to explain why I had a pass and fill in a form which got really annoying 3 times a week. I also think it may be out of my price range to be able to join in the future. 

Weird Fish seem lovely, they happily swapped my dress when it was sent to me too big so I was really pleased with that. Its not a brand I had looked at before but I would now in the future. 

I have learnt that you must be fully motivated and in the zone if you want to take this seriously ! I have learnt that a little excersize and a healthier diet can make you feel better in yourself not just look better in your appearance.I feel healthier in myself and aim to continue regular fitness and healthy eating. 

Thank you to all involved giving me a chance to at least try this programme, I actually learnt a lot and  managed to just my diet to being Gluten free which has really helped my health. 


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