Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge | Health and Fitness #3

I have finally completed the Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge. I must say how hard it has been to try and stay on track! I really haven't at all and to be honest I'm a bit gutted as I really need to loose some weight. I have been on a off some days doing really well others not so well! 

I have noticed a slight difference in feeling a lot healthier due to eating Gluten free and it has been a lot easier than I first thought. Also with me working more, I am on my feet all day running around the shop most of the time so at least I am active. I think my down fall is that I love eating out! I love going out for tea trying new foods and new restaurants and obviously that does not help the healthy diet. 

I decided to set my goals of going to the gym at least two times a week and doing some at home fitness.I also had been eating a bit better eating salad or stir fry for lunch at work and protein and veg for tea. I really enjoy eating healthy but sometimes it just isn't feasible to maintain. 

The last week of the challenge I was actually on holiday at an all inclusive resort! To be honest I found it hard eating well there as I didn't like a lot of the options and I couldn't eat a lot of the options due to not having Gluten free choices. However I have been rather active due to swimming and spending a lot of time in the pool and I have drank loads of water due to needing to be hydrated at all times ! 

Im not going to lie I don't really think I have done that well at all but I know that I'm going to carry on with trying to eat healthy and partake in regular fitness. I plan to write up a finally post with all my thoughts and feelings of the challenge, if i have lost any weight / inches off my body, my review of DW fitness gym and my dress from weirdfish that I hopefully now fit in to :)  So keep upper eyes peeled for that within the next few days !


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