Monthly Empties | April

This post is going to HUGE so I shall try keep it short and sweet. I start every month thinking oooh I won't have many this month then I end up with all of this !! Im liking it though because I am de-stashing. 

This has taken me ages to get through. I love the smell of it, I love how well it works and I think its a great price. You can tell how long I have had it as the packaging has now changed ! I am now using the sugar crush one which smells devine.

You know this is a constant favourite of mine and it regularly features in my empties post.

I think I wrote about this in my last empties. I really like it, it keeps my hands nice and moisturised and I like the smell. I picked up a new one from work and got discount on it so it was super cheap ;)

I don't really know where this mini come from? I love porefessional, I have been through a few tubes so far and still have one on the go. However I have found a cheaper primer that I prefer.

This is a constant re purchase for me. I love it, I always buy it, I haven't found a powder that I prefer and it thats so well. I dropped this one so it didn't last as long as usual but its all good as I had a spare ;)

I loved using this and Im defiantly going to re purchase. its great for under eye circles, it really does brighten them up. 

This is a great deodorant, it does its job it smells great and it tends to be on offer so I always seem to re-buy.

We all know that this is a beaut body wash that smells great, makes your skin nice and soft and is just an round great product !

I LOVE this foundation soooo much. I think it may be the best one I have ever used. That is a bold statement but I just think its so good. I need to re buy it asap as my others just do not compare :)

This has lasted me sooo so long I think its actually two years! Its not available on the Boots site so I'm hoping its still a thing as I love it. I haven't died my hair in two years and I feel like this is the product to thank! I NEED it so if any one see's it buy it for me please ;).

I really loved this sample however after seeing the price I have been slightly put off. I wouldn't really say that it is in my budget. I don't actually own a serum currently and I am looking for one that I really like but that is still affordable. If any one has any suggestions please let me know :).

One of my favourite ever products. I always rave about it, I have featured it on my blog quiet a lot as you may have seen. I use it daily and I just love it, I would always recommend to anyone and everyone. 

I have been using this to wash my make up brushes. I love it, it works so well! It doesn't have a smell which I think is important when your using it to wash your brushes. and it really does deep clean. I would re purchase this in the future!

- I wouldn't normally include food but these little treats needed a mention.

I loveeeeee Peanut Hottie! If you are a peanut butter fan then you will love this. This was kindly gifted at our Hull Bloggers meet and I ended up with 4 lots of it and I'm soooo glad! Its really tasty and its quiet low in calories so its a great treat. You should read Jennys post all about it here.

I have had this since christmas. I don't know how its lasted so long ! I thought I would just eat it all with a spoon. I love anything to do with salted caramel and this just ticked all my boxes. I would 100% recommend if you are a salted caramel lover like me :D


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