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I recently decided to get involved with the events run by Yelp! Yelp is an online site where you can see reviews of bars, restaurants, shops, anything really. They encourage people to write reviews about the places they have visited for others to read. I like to read reviews especially of restaurants as I can never decide on a place to go so its good to see what other people enjoy. Yelp hold monthly events where Yelp reviewers meet and enjoy activities. I heard of one that was happening this months and decided to go along ... 

The event was held at Revolucion De Cuba I had never been there before so was excited to see what it was all about. I did not know what to expect at all and was apprehensive of going alone but I was greeted by the lovely Jonny and quickly introduced to claire who was equally as lovely. 

The venue itself has amazing decor, I was really impressed and though the theme was great. We where all given a drinks voucher for a cuba libre cocktail however I wasn't drinking so the bar tender offered to make me none alcoholic which was just as yummy as an alcoholic one !! 

We then went down to another part of the bar (No idea it was that big) which again the decor was fab. Our first task was to make our own mojitos ! The bar tender was really enthusiastic and clear showing us all what to do and then we made our own. I had a tiny bit of bacardi in mine but again the bar tender was accommodating and made mine more tasty for the none drinkers ;). 

We then moved on to rum tasting, obviously I couldn't join in on this but I still enjoyed listening and learning about different rums and I had a sniff as they where tasted by the others.. I did not like the smell :/ and i doubt I would like the taste but was good seeing others enjoy. 

After all of this fun we then enjoyed a final cocktail back upstairs in the bar mine was sooo yummy ! I can not wait to go back and try some but with alcohol this time :D 

I really enjoyed the event, so glad I had the chance to go along ! I met some lovely new people and tried a bar that I never had before. 
Thanks for the invite cannot wait for the next event ! 

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