Foundation | Top 5 Beauty Picks #7

I found these posts hiding in my drafts, I took them ages ago and completely forgot to carry them on. My favourite products have changed since I took these photos (around May time last year). The photos are bit dark so I apologise but it may be interesting to see my views on these products. I hope you like this post, let me know your favourites too. 

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Name: Bigger than big BB - Big easy
Brand: Benefit
Price: £27.50
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Selfridges, Debenhams, house of fraser etc and Online here
Likes: This is a good BB creme with a good coverage. I quiet enjoy using it but I don't reach for it all the time.
Dislikes: Im just not a MASSIVE fan of it. I ca not believe how much I paid for this. I think I better get using it up now.
Rating: 3/5

Name: Wake me up Foundation
Brand: Rimmel
Where can I buy this?: 
Likes: This is such a blogger fave. Its great coverage but still nice and light. I really liked using this through the summer.
Dislikes: Nothing I particularly dislike, I have just been using different ones for a while. 
Rating: 4/5

Name: Hello Flawless oxygen wow
Brand: Benefit
Price: £26.50
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Selfridges, Debenhams, house of Fraser etc and Online here
Likes: Again same as the others nice and light weight and good coverage. I remember really liking this at first. 
Dislikes:And again I can not believe what I paid for this .. must have been mad back in 2014. I don't think its worth the money as I prefer my drugstore foundations to this. I wouldn't rebuy 
Rating: 2/5

Name: Stay Matte powder
Brand: Rimmel
Price: £3.99
Where can I buy this?: Boots, super drug the usual ! Online :)
Likes: This is my favourite ever drugstore product. I will always re buy. Its such a staple in my collection. It sits so well on my face over all the foundations I use I just think its great
Dislikes: Nothing I dislike! 
Rating: 5/5

Name: Nude Magique BB powder
Brand: L'Oréal 
Price: £6.99
Where can I buy this?: Boots, super drug the usual ! Online :)
Likes: I think is great to carry round in your bag for every day little touch up. Its good for just covering areas you may have got a bit sweaty and what not ! Its a really good size for the price and really handy to have.
Dislikes: Nothing I really dislike !! Only sometimes can be slightly pale for my skin.
Rating: 4/5


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