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So cheap and always really cute and stylish. I have knifes and forks with hearts on (how cute) and they where about £6 for a big set! so affordable and good quality too.

I think wilko is great. Similar to Asda, you can pick up some bargains that are actually good quality.

Bit of an odd one I know but it stocks cute accessories such as candles, coasters and mugs.

If your looking for something a bit quirky and different it is your place to be. I always go straight to the home section. I love their cushions! I always find such amazing interesting products that are usually worth so much more than the price 

An obvious one, affordable, chic and easy! Our wardrobes where £39 each from Ikea and they are just perfect for what we need. 

Love this online site for really pretty him wears. I have the tea, coffee and sugar tins with matching cakes, sweets and biscuits tins. I also have mugs and glass storage that I have collected over the year. Lots of quirky bits too.

I also think places such as Home bargains and Poundland are great places to pick up bits such as storage boxes or random things like plastic Tupperware. We also looked in Home furnishing charity shops - we got our sofa and kitchen table from the British Red cross all for less than £200 including delivery. 

Its not about getting the most expensive items when you first move out! If your moving to uni especially just pick up cheap bits that are easily replaceable. I think I did well as I still have my plates and bowls that I started with 3/4 years ago all intact however I have broken glasses, lots cutlery and burnt pans !    

Just choose items to suit your budget and lifestyle and collect as you go. I started buying bits in April and we didn't move till December ! Luckily I stored items at my parents house ! Shop around and find bargains :) 


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