Timeless Truth Beauty - Apple Collagen face mask | Sample Sunday

For todays sample sunday post I thought I would share with you this face mask form Timeless truth beauty. This is the Apple Collagen face mask retailing at £7.99 per mask. Available here :)
These masks claim to 'help repair damaged tissue and help delay and reduce the visable signs of ageing'. This particular mask is for all skin types but there is a selection of different ones available to meet you needs. 
You can either use the mask warm by heating it in some warm water or cold by cooling it in the fridge. I choose the fridge option. When first opening the product I found there was a lot of product that is actually on the mask. The instructions do say that you can save the excess and use it just on skin. The mask is very wet and seemed to slip of my face a bit but this may be because I have a small face ? I just laid still for 10 minutes which was quiet nice and relaxing. 

I took a photo of my skin with no make up so that you can see i have quiet normal skin. I also took one of the mask on (which is a bit of a scary photo) You can see its quiet big and it covers all my face. My skin felt plump and fresh after use and I enjoyed the feel of it. I feel the only down side of this was the size and the amount of product as I seemed to get it everywhere ! 
 I would recommend these if you are a face mask fan, I think I personally prefer mask that come in a tube and you apply your self - (does that make sense)

Hope you enjoyed this sample sunday ! 


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