Looking back at my year | 2014

Looking back I have had quiet a busy 2014. I don't feel like this year has gone to plan but I do have some amazing memories. I have done so many great things this year and I'm proud of my achievements. Im looking forward for 2015 now as I will be going on a family skiing trip, back to Ibiza (hopefully), graduating university, getting my first 'real job' and hopefully spending christmas in South Africa with my family. Hope you have all had an amazing 2014, Thank you for following my blog and continuing to support and read about my life. This year my blog has grown so so much and I just hope I can improve even more in to this next year.

A few things I have done this year include...

Visited one of my best friends in London
Bought my first Vivienne Westwood Handbag
Insured my car and started driving around
Went for a helicopter ride with my dad
Had my 5 year anniversary 
Worked with Hull Fashion Week 
Had an amazing week in Ibiza with my boyf. 
Worked on a summer camp and learnt to be abseil instructor
Organised a blogger meet up
Moved in with my boyfriend. 

What have been your highlights this year?


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