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Since moving in December I have been picking things up as I go along to make the flat more homely and inject a bit of colour. As our flat is rented we cannot paint or anything so I think accessories are important to make it more personal. I have been finding bits and pieces over the past month and rather than collect them all together I decided to just go around and take quick snaps of them all to show you what I have been picking up. This may give you some inspiration for your own home or you may just like looking at pretty home wears. I have tried to link where possible (or something similar) but obviously some items are no longer available / one off. We received a few of these items for christmas too from various family members .. thats when you can tell you getting old when your mum buys you a knife block !! 

Mugs // Waitrose // Gift
Chalk board sign // Card factory // £2.99
Glas cup // Primark // £2

Candle // Gift 
Candle // Primark // £2

Blanket // Primark // (This was my mums but I stole it)

- Our Sofa was bought from the Red cross charity shop. we got this two seater and a three seater both for £110 ! Such a bargain and practically brand new !

Knife block // Wilko // Gift 
 (I don't know what these are called but you put your hot pan on it so it doesn't burn the work surface)
Tea bag stand? // Asda // £1.50
(Again don't know what you call this but you put used tea bags on it)


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