Happy Birthday to me! | Champagne & Lemonade .ox

Who would believe that 3 years ago today I made this area of the internet mine. While sitting in my tiny room in London in 2012 I decided to create a blog, Im not sure why I decided too I just did and now I'm so pleased I did. I never thought that I would make some amazing friends, have some fantastic opportunities and have so much fun just from rambling about fashion beauty and my every day life.

This year has been fantastic for my blog, it has grown so much and has helped me make some amazing friendships and connections. I have loved attending meet ups, going to events and working with brands. Most of all I loved loved making some of the best friends every (You know who you are).

I would like to say such a big thank you for every single reader, subscriber, friend and brand that has glanced over my blog let alone dedicated readers. I would love for my blog to grow even more over 2015! 

Please feel free to leave me suggestions as to what you would like to see, and what your favourite posts are. I personally would like to do more lifestyle posts and #OOTD posts but we shall see how that goes. I intend to carry on my same blogging style and keep to my normal blogging routine. I also would love to attend more events and meet ups this year as I love the community. 

So thank you everyone once again and I hope you stick with me for a few more years to come! 


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