The Library of Fragrance - Sex on the beach | Review

I was recently sent this scent - Sex on the beach  from the Library of fragrance to try out. They recently launches their collection in Boots store nationwide and have lots of weird and wonderful scents including, canabis flower, Dirt, Leather, Mushroom and paperback ! How crazy do they sound! Some of my more favourable scents include, Passionfruit, mango, pineapple - Yes I like the fruity smells. 
The idea is that there is something for everyone and you can layer to the scents to create your favourite. Sex on the beach is apparently great layered with Patchouli, but I have yet to try that out. I think its a really good idea as you can build up the scent you prefer and then it will be unique to you!
Or obviously you can just wear them on their own. They all listed A-Z on their website Here, so make sure you check out what they have on offer.

Sex on the beach is quiet a strong scent, I only had to apply a small amount as I feel too much could be over powering. It lasts quiet well too as I could smell it faintly after a full day. I don't think I would wear it all the time probably just for work or a bit more of a casual day when you wouldn't want to wear your 'best fragrance' (maybe its just me who wears a more expensive one on a night out or nicer occasion?)
I think the price point is very affordable and the product is good value for money as the bottle is a decent size. The packaging is slightly basic compared to some high end fragrances but this is relative to the price. 
What fragrance would you choose?


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