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Pinterest Love !
These are a few of my favourite categories, I am so addicted to Pinterest I have 29 boards and over 1400 pins and I'm sure its only going to get bigger. Its deffinately my favourite site for inspiration. Make sure you follow me = Alexandra Jayne

Home Decor 
This is my current fave to search as I am soon to be moving house so I like lots of decor inspo. Im only moving to rented accommodation so I cannot paint etc but I look mainly at accessories and colour themes. 

Cute doggies
I really want a dog ! So I keep pinning the cutest ones. I would LOVE a French bulldog but Darren wants a husky, opposite ends!!

Obviously Im always looking at fashion inspiration ! I re-pin anything I think the look of regardless of season !

I love tattoos I think some of the art is amazing. I would love to have loads of tattoos but I'm too scared haha. I don't mind the pain but my tattoos are only small so I think a bigger one would hurt so much more. I always see ones on pinterest and I think ooooh I want that ! 

Gift inspo
Pinterest is great for creative ideas, I always have good intentions to be creative and make people lovely home made gifts but it never happens.. maybe one day?

Yes I know I'm no where near getting married but every girls has already planned the ins and outs of their wedding right? 

Food Food Food. Best ever place for recipes. When I cook something fancy I always get asked ooh how did you think of this ... Pinterest ;).

Leave me your Pinterest links :)


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