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The Musicroom has launched on their website 'the gift finder' it’s a gimmicky way of choosing gifts for christmas ! 
My boyfriend always drags me in to the musicroom store in the Trafford centre so he can gaze at the shiny guitars, not really my area of interest but ' I love what he loves ... blah blah' Haha. He loves playing the guitar and is really good at it, even though I'm sure he will disagree. He's a bit awkward to buy for at christmas because I really like buying a few different presents rather than spending all my money on one thing. However he has loads of little things now and only really wants the big expensive items ! So I struggle for new ideas, this year I have been introduced to the Gift finder on the 

Its a fun way of finding the right gift. You input your choices so category; stocking fillers, Accessories, instruments etc. Then you choose your instrument (I picked guitar) and finally a budget. It comes up with all the items within that selection. Obviously you can now do this on most sites but I like how its the little amp and its quiet fun. 

Theres loads of different items! I never actually realised they sell lots of things including home wares ! I like that theres something for every budget too. I particularly liked this guitarists christmas stocking ! Surly I cannot go wrong with that?

I am hoping to place my order soon so I shall update you on what I picked up :).
I recommend for you to try it out if you need to buy for a music lover as theres so many fun interesting gifts and its quiet fun to play around with too!

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