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I have been waiting for what feels like forever of Make-up revolution to be stocked in a Superdrug near me ! Last month I bought a make up rev pallet in a store in shrewsbury and I have been loving using it so I really wanted to try more. There has been quiet a lot of hype around the brand and I needed to be a part of it. I have been checking in every Superdrug I pass and finally the store in Manchester Trafford centre has saved me from having a mini melt down. I would have just made an online order however the things I have been wanting to try always seem to be out of stock so I thought I would just wait and then at least I can swatch and see what the colours REALLLLY look like. I didn't want to go too over board but I bought 9 items, how can you not though when they cost £1 ! I feel bad if I leave something out. So heres my first haul I'm sure there will be many to come. 

Left - Right 
Lipstick // Luscious
Lipstick // Divine
Lipstick // Chic
Lipstick // Bliss 

Blush // Now!

Left: Eyeshadow // Adore
Right: Eyeshadow // Base! 

Highlighting powder // Peach Lights
Pressed Powder // Porcelain

The best thing other then the price I feel is that each product is really well pigmented! I didn't not expect that at all, the quality is great and I have enjoyed trying them out since I bought them a few days ago. I think my favourite is going to the the eye shadows as I think the colours are great for A/W and seem to work well with my skin (I have very sensitive eyes). 
If any one would like more of a review on these products or maybe how I wear them etc. Please leave a comment to let me know :) 

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  1. They stock I Heart Makeup in the Superdrug in Bury as well :)

    I have a few purchases from MakeUp Revolution, and I've been so pleased with them!

    Anoushka xx


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