Fashion facts | Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have often been told how much of a shopaholic I am so I thought I should write up a few little fashion facts!

10 facts you know you are definitely a shopaholic!! 
(But thats okay we all are secretly)

1. You know where your closest Topshop is at all times 

2. Sale instantly means bargain - I MUST HAVE IT ! 

3. You go in to selfridges .. ' ooh that £50 vivienne westwood top is such a bargain'
You go in to Primark ' Oh my that £8 top is soooo expensive'

4. Your ASOS wish list always have a million things in it.

5. You know where to look in the particular store for shoes/skirts/tops etc

6. You see a copy of a designer item and must have it even if you won't wear it ! 

7. Your favourite online stores are book marked on your laptop

8. A friend wants the new 'it bag' and you instantly know where they should look.

9. You have 5+ shopping apps on your Phone/Ipad/Tablet 

10. You see the most amazing skirt in store see its a bit pricey spend the whole day thinking about it and then eventually go back and buy it! 


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