Your favourite movie | 30 Day blogging challenge day 19

I don't think I actually have a favourite movie. I have lots that I love, and you know if I love it because I shall own it on DVD. I only have about 20 DVD's haha. The boyf always laughs at me, but he has loads so its not like we need more really. I shall just list a few different ones that I like :)

1. Sex and the city 1 & 2 - Love both of these, Im not a huge fan of the series but the films are well loved. They are usually a go too when I need cheering up. 

2. The Hunger games - This is an unexpected love as I thought it wouldn't be for me but my friends convinced me to watch and now Im hooked !

3. Peter Pan - Not the cartoon version (even though I like that too) I love the people version haha, I used to constantly watch it. 

4. School of Rock - I have allllways loved this film ! I once watched it over and over again about 10 times in a day. 

5. Stardust - Such a magical film, I love how its like not a normal fairytale. I think it will be one i will love forever. 

I don't want to go over board so I shall leave it there :) What are your favourite films? Do you have any recommendations. 


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