What is your hidden talent | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 26

When writing this post I asked my boyfriend what he thought my 'Hidden talent' is. His reply ...

Your ability to not know all the words to a full song and seamlessly substitute 'ner ner nerrrr her me nerrr' in their place ;) why don't you write that?

Hmm okay probably not what I'm looking for ? I really don't think I have a hidden talent. Im good at things but I don't necessarily have a talent. I used to play the violin at school, I used to go to dance class. I'm good at sewing and pattern cutting but I wouldn't really say that these are hidden talents? 

I feel like some of these 30 day blog challenge posts are not really relevant to me but I still wanted to write for everyday. So sorry If some of the days aren't very interesting. But some of the other days make up for it :)

Hope everyone is having a good day! - Only 4 days left of June .. Where is this year disappearing too ? 


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