Thoughts on education | 30 Day blogging challenge day 16

Not sure how to interoperate this so I shall just explain my education so far.

Nursery school
I went to nursery a term early as I was just so clever haha. No I'm not sure why but I just got to go a bit earlier. I went to the nursery school which was attached to my primary school. A lot of my friends I still have today went to nursery with me. I only live in a small area so theres only two local primary schools. I loved nursery and always remember loving the creating stick cut and glue kinda table.

Primary school
I went to Penshurst primary school from reception to year 6. I was the happy child who was friends with everyone. I was always good at design and technology class, RE and history but I hated maths ! when I got to doing my SATS I had to have a math tutor to help me get my grade up. I was always in the top sets just not for maths but I managed to pass it.
I enjoyed primary school I have some amazing memories of all playing together in the snow and christmas, playing 'playground football tournaments' volunteering to work in the school lunch room ! (WHY?) and all that good stuff. Some of my good friends today I met at penshurst and we shall always have that little bond.

High school -Lower. 
My high school was spread across two sites. So year 7 and 8 was at 'lower school'. I think it was just called lower because it was the lower end of a school also when we where at 'upper school' we would call it down the road .. obviously because it was down the road ... I went in to a class with all these other people when I went to high school and met some amazing friends, who are still my friends today. It was strange time in year 7 and 8 because year 7 is spent making new friends, obeying the rules, trying to keep on top of homework, detentions different class rooms. and the you go in to 8 and become the oldest in the school again and you get a bit cocky ! think your cool cause you get detention or wind up the teacher in your class. A bit of a laugh but its not really that clever is it.
I had a few ups and downs, silly girls arguments, mean boys trying to act cool in front of their mates but all in all it was alright :)

High school - upper
So I moved up the road to year 9, 10 and 11. I wasn't a massive fan of school in year 9 I was over it I didn't like my school I wanted to move but I think it was just a phase. My parents where going to move me to private school but the fees where a bit too much and it wasn't really fair on the family to send me. Things changed in year 10 as i got to choose lessons for my gcse's and I met new people though moving different classes. (still hated maths) but enjoyed most of it. For my GCSE's I choose Performing arts (Dance), French, Art and Textiles. I also did maths english x2 science x3 RE, PE, ICT. I didn't get below a C apart from in maths which i had to re-sit 3 times to get a C in the end ! Also at high school I tried to involve myself in things such as being a pear mentor, helping out at Arts week, being in school productions, going on school trips etc really just making the most of every opportunity :)Towards the end of my time at high school my friend group was pretty large and it was so nice that we where all friends together awhhhh ;).

6th form 
I stayed at my high school and continued on to 6th form. I at first choose to study Art, Business, Textiles and Photography but after two weeks I found I hated photography so I changed to do graphic design. I loved 6th form! I used to sit in a big area with all my friends i used to go out clubbing every thursday night and be very hungover the next day ! I loved the 6th form prom and we all went on a big holiday to Kos in Greece. So much fun and so many happy memories. 

University - foundation degree
I only recently blogged about finding out I got in to London college of Fashion so this doesn't need to much detail. I moved to London for the year to study my Access to HE Diploma Fashion. I wanted to do this course because I wasn't exactly sure what area of fashion I liked best (I'm still not sure). I had the craziest year of my life. Met some amazing friends from all over the world. Was taught by amazing people .. one of my tutors also worked for Kenzo, and another was on project catwalk. I did so many fun things and I really loved living there but it was time for a change and I needed to pick the right course.

University - Bsc (Hons) Degree
Finally on to my current studies in Manchester. I study International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan and I have just finished my 2nd year. I really love Manchester, I class it as my home. I have such a better 'student life' here especially the social going out drinking side. I feel like it suits me. I really enjoy my course and I think it is preparing me well for actual realistic work. I feel confident in my abilities and believe it will put me on the right path. I have had a lot more opportunities here such as learning a language as part of my course and being involved in University activities! Im still looking for a placement for september however if i don't get one I shall be doing my 3rd and final year :).

I personally think education is really important and I never want to stop learning. Yeah at school I thought learning Biology and Maths where so so dull and pointless and to be honest I still don't feel I will need them in life however everyone has to do it so just get on with it and make the most of everything that comes your way. You will not regret it, you never know doing one thing such as volunteering at school when you are 15 may land you a dream job 10 years later ? All experience is good and worthwhile as by doing it, it may make you realise what you don't want to do ?

I hope you have learnt a little more about me from this post and it may be helpful to you in some way. If not sorry for rambling ;)

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