Resolutions 6 months on.. | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 30

This post was supposed to be 'Your hopes for your blog' but I fancied changing it to an update on my new years resolutions 6 months on so here we are :)

1. JOIN The GYM !! - Done

I joined in the gym in January in Mnachester and when I moved back to Hull I joined the gym at home too. Well done me. 

2. Go to a blog meet up - Done

Yayy I have been to 4 so far ! Im so happy because I have met some amazing bloggers.

3. Do something with my summer :D - Doing
Woooooo I'm currently working at a summer camp, so so glad I'm doing something.

4. Pamper my self more often.
Haven't really got around to doing this :( I shall plan to do so after I'm back from camp :).

5. Visit some of my friends who live in other cities. 

I have been for two nights out in leeds, and visited two friends in London but my friends who where at uni have now left their cities so I don't get to visit :(

6. Read more books. - Doing
I have read a few so far :)

7. Learn how to use my new camera. - Doing
Im using as I learn ;).

8. Have a healthy lifestyle without it being a 'chore'. - Doing
I am making lots of healthy choices :D 

9. Keep all my uni notes neat, tidy and organised. - Done
Managed to keep all my notes organised for the rest of my 2nd uni year 

10. Build my makeup collection by buying 1 high end item a month. 
Ermm im not actually sure about this I have been buying a mix to be honest ! I have deffinaltly got more than I did in January !!

I hope you enjoyed my 30 day June blogging challenge. Im so happy with myself for completing the whole month with only 2 days being missed but I still wrote them any way just not on the day! some days have been not as interesting as others, but I feel like I have shared quiet a bit more about me now :) If you would like mw to do this again, let me know :)

Hope you have had a lovely month. 


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