A confession | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 29

So might be a good time to tell you my plans for the next three months :) 

I found out last week that I have been offered a job to work on a summer camp. This is some thing I have been wanting to do for about 5 years now and I have applied several times and now I ave finally got the the chance ! Im working with a company called PGL. They are based in several locations all over England and then also in Spain and France. I will be based not far from Shrewsburry which is in the west midlands. I have never been to this area of England before so I am looking forward to seeing whats around there. 
As you are reading this I will be in Surrey on a 10 day training camp learning everything I need to know about the job role. 

So what does it involve? 
I will be a Group leader / activity instructor. This means I will lead a group of children around all their activities, participate in some of them play games and basically have lots of fun :D 
I will be working 6 days a week so this means I will not have not have as much time for blogging :( that does not mean I'm going to stop ! I will do the best I can before I leave to write up lots and schedule. I also have some guest posts lined up which will be fun. If you would like to guest post for me please feel free to drop me an email: Alex_redfearn@hotmail.co.uk

So yeah mega excited about this. Iv had a crazy 12 days to organise myself ready to go! I have had to pack everything in to just a suitcase. I have had to book trains, cancel plans, sort out where I need to be on certain days etc its been a bit over whelming but also really exciting. Im so glad I have this opportunity to do something that I have wanted to do in ages. 

So if I'm a bit M.I.A at times please bear with me cause I'm doing my best I promise :) !!
Thank you all for your continued support of reading my blog ox. 


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