20 Facts | 30 Day blog challenge Day 2

alll about me !

Today is 20 facts about me post. This is my worst type of post as I can never think of anything. Im obviously not that interesting but I'm going to give it ago. I have done this type of this before (Last year) so here goes...

1. I have recently become a shoe addict (bought two pairs last week)
2. Jelly babies are the food of the devil they scare me and the thought of them makes me feel sick !
3. I have a new found love of Sherlock Holmes the TV series. My boyfriend got me hooked.
4. Im a bit of a hoarder, I hate getting rid of things!
5. Ice Tea is always my drink of choice if available.
6. I Love making new Blogger friends, I have made quiet a few recently.
7. I really enjoy cooking especially for other people.
8. And I love cooking programs
9. Any thing that contains salted caramel is my favourite
10. This summer I'm moving in with my boyfriend in our first home together !
11. I arent a big fan of green tea but I still force myself to drink it.
12. I'm always guilty of buying a product because another blogger said it was 'thee best product ever'
13. My favourite TV program is coronation street and I get a bit too attached to the characters.
14. Next month I am going to Harry Potter world.. I am beyond excited.
15. I love anything that is mango or pomegranate flavoured.
16. I don't find painting my nails a pleasure .. more like a chore.
17. I think I'm going to stay at uni forever.. I love it too much.
18. I am Dyslexic .. this doesn't mean I'm stupid !
19. I speak a bit of German, French and Spanish.
20. I absolutely love weddings and I think I would like to be a wedding plan for my 2nd career :)

There we have it .. Ohhh I am so interesting !!
Have a surprised you with any of my facts??


  1. I found it so difficult to come up with facts too! You got so good ones there though :) I'm not sure how you put up the green tea though!

    Along Came Kelly x

  2. Thank youu :) oh I don't know how I do either I just keep thinking it's good for me so I have to lol !! x


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