Countdown to christmas #19 What in New York - Everything else Haul

Here is everything else i picked up in New York ...

Betsy Johnson bracelet - Maceys - $18.75

Micheal Kors watch - Century 21 - $120 ( was supposed to be $200! Bargain)

Stella McCartney Sunglasses - Century 21 - $40 ( was supposed to be $250, Massive bargain !)

Obviosuly i went all the way to NY to buy loads of socks !
These where a cute little pack of three in a cute gift box from PINK! (Victoria secrets franchise)
PINK! socks - PINK! - $19.50
More socks .. That are super cosy ! Yayyaa. i was just going to buy one pair but i couldn't choose...
Comfy Socks - American Eagle - $10 each.

Macys stocking ! ash how cute is it, i hung it up straight away so here it is apart of my christmassy window!
Stocking - Macys - $5 (was supposed to be $10)

AÉROPOSTALE  - Top which i am going to use to match my Pj bottoms ..
I don't have the price for this one but i want to say about $15 ?
Its super comfy but i did smell a bit burnt when i first wore it :S !

PINK! Pj leggings. I liked these cause they are quiet festive in the red colour :) they where $26.50 which i think is slightly pricey for Pj's but they are really cosy so why not 1

Ralph Lauren - Pj bottoms - $24 
Which again is a bit pricey for pjs butt not for Ralph Lauren ones ;) they where supposed to be $44 so more savings for me ! I LOVE the tartan style print on these. i got a bigger size so they are nice and bagger and really comfy to just chill in !

I haven't heard of this brand before but when i saw that these hoodies where so so cheap i felt that i needed one ! I love that it says NewYork.
AÉROPOSTALE - Navy hoody - $20

These where another massive bargain! I have wanted some levis for a while now but always been put off by the price tag, but i had some money left over on my last day so i popped in ! i trued quiet a few pairs on before just giving up. The ones i tried was cheaper than the UK but i didn't Love them to pay the price they where. i was about to leave when i saw a 50% off sign and saw these ones. they where supposed to be $88 dollars but had a $44 sticker on so i was like pooh okay maybe these. al sales associate then told me they was 50% off that price !!! OMG. so i didn't even try them on i just bought them for $22 ! wow wow wow. 

When going through all these photos i noticed i diet photograph two other beautiful items i boughs so I have cheekily stole the website pictures ...

Of course i bought the medium brown bag that i have wanted forever !! 
I paid $25 for it and it should have been $28 but received some discount .. not really sure why, 
but I'm not complaining ! 

I also bought some new Uggs. I know a lot of people don't like uggs and they aren't exactly the height of fashion any more but in winter i just can not deny my feet of the pleasure! I had in mind that i wanted short black ones as i have not had that style before. so i tried on a few in store and couldn't choose and i then i saw these! Im not a 'bling; person at all ! yes i LOVE jewellery but i wouldn't choose clothing of any think with sparkly bits but for some reason i just loved these ! Perfect size that i wanted and not just plain and boring so i took the risk of maybe regret and bought them ! 
I paid $200 which when it came out of my bank = $120 which i was so so happy about because in the UK they retail at £160 so again i saved ! 

I have been a savvy shopper ;)

6 days till christmas !!


  1. Wow you got some great bargains! I love that bracelet, I want to go to New York so bad x

  2. I know I'm so glad i had the chance to go! I would fully recommend !
    Thanks for commenting ! x


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