21st Birthday gifts !

Hey everyone sorry this post is rather late but i have been so so busy recently and I haven't been very well either so not really had that much motivation! Here is a few bits and pieces I received for my birthday ! I didn't manage to photograph everything but i still wanted to do this post :). I mainly received Dollars for my birthday as i was spending it in New York so that went towards things that i bought there. My mum and dad paid for my trip so that was my gift from them, they also paid for the amazing birthday meal i had in the revolving restaurant and my theatre ticket to see the Christmas spectacular at Radio city (highly recommended).  I am extremely thankful for everything i received it made my 21st Extra special that people had put thought in to my gifts and cards!

My mum and Dad also bought me a necklace from tiffany ! I didn't expect another present from them at all but my mum let me choose it in the store while we was there ! Its so perfect i love it so so much!

Some of my cards i received from family and friends ! 

My extra special card from my auntie that she had hand made for me ! Love it !!!

A gorgeous little ornament from my auntie ! 

I Heart NY charm also from my auntie who also bought one so we have matching :)

21 keyring from my little cousins ! 

21 photo album i received from a family friend .. my mum filled in with photos from Newyork as a surprise for when i came home for christmas ! 

21 mug from my little cousins ! (my auntie let them choose)

All my cards stood up at home :) !! 

My boyfriend is taking me to Rottadamn in january for a little weekend away as a birthday treat which i am very much looking forward too ! (not long till we go now) 

So yeah thats a few little snapshots of what i received ! I love all my presents, they mean so much to me. I am by no means trying to show off or 'brag' I just want to show how thankful i am :).

I hope everyone is well and enjoying they Christmas period!

Lots of Love.

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  1. I hope you had a lovely time! I'm really jealous of your tiffany & co necklace, I really want one! haha Xx

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