The #Makeup Tag.

1. Liquid or powder highlighter?
Always powder ! I haven't tried any liquid ones.
2. Cream or powder blush/eyeshadow? 
Both powder i don't really like cream based products.
3. Primer or no primer? 
Primer for an occasion where i want my makeup to stay the whole day.
4. Lipstick, lipgloss or lip stain?
5. Eyeliner or no eyeliner?
No eyeliner ! Im allergic :(
6. Neutral, smokey or colourful? 
7. Bold or basic lips? 
depends on the occasion, basic for day and bold for night 
8. Pale or tanned/bronzed? 
9. Full face, one item or no make up? 
Full face most of the time.
10. Palettes or individual products? 

*Image sourced from Pinterest.


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