Instagram month: October

Starbucks Salted caramel Hot chocolate- forgot i was called Ales ? // Tesco pudding More Salted caramel ! // Sweet & Salty poppercorn // More Starbucks Salted caramel hot choc and a cookie (cheering myself up cause i had to quit my job)

Archies ! Best milkshakes in Manchester // Little Victoria Secret purchase ;) // New Dior Lipstick // Ben & Jerrys Half baked ! Sooo yummy 

Halloween! Zombie school girl // Me and Becci pre night out ! // Blogger mail // Me and Maddie having cocktails in Selfridges on the VFNO 

Had quiet a fun month with lots going on :) As you can see I have a LOVE for salty/sweet combinations and Salted Caramel hot chocolates are a like a dream to me !! 
Hope everyone else has had a good month !! Looking forward to Christmas shopping throughout November :) ohh and Job hunting as i decided that the job i had wasn't working well for me and i wasn't enjoying it at all so i decided to find a different one instead !


  1. Looks like October was a good month for you :)

    1. It was pretty enjoyable :) !
      Hope yours was too x

  2. Half baked ice cream is my favorite! Love this post!


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