John Frieda Full Repair & Protect | Review

Recently I was contacted by John Frieda and asked if I would like to try out there repair and protect range. 

As I already use John Frieda products I obviously very happily said yes please !!!

They sent me the full repair hydrate and rescue shampoo and conditioner to try. I usually use the blonde products including the shampoo conditioner the conditioning and lightening spray and I love all these products but I was happy to try the repair range as I am always looking for alternatives. Apparently it is better for you hair if you change shampoo and comditioner around every so often too :). 

So yeah I have used this now a few times and I have already noticed my hair is in such a nice condition! I recently dip dyed my hair and the ends are looking a bit messy and this has made them look so much healthier and a more acceptable condition !! I have noticed that my hair looks shiner too and still the bright blonde shade I like to maintain. This is a product I would recommend and rebuy :) 

You can find all of their products on there website:Here! 

Also they have a YouTube channel! I am a massive fan of Youtube and I love looking for beauty tutorials, they have lots of different styling techniques that are fun to try to :) You can find that Here! 

Thank you John Frieda for letting me try these out :D 


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