Apocalips Review | Shades: Nude & Luna

I have read a least 20 different reviews on these little lip glosses. I honestly did not understand why there was such a huge hype, I personally am not a gloss person at all but i do quiet like these. Like any other beauty blogger these where a must have on my shopping list but every time I went to purchase them in my local boots there wasn't any available for a while I felt I was missing out on this huge craze and i felt a bit left out but I finally got my hands on some and i feel part of the gang again ! I actually picked up one of these in Tesco of all places so i pretty happy with that and the other my mum got me. 

So now the hype has died down i shall now give my little in put ! 
I choose these two colours as i wanted something a bit more neutral for every day at work. I love the colours when they are on as they are just the right pigmentation for me. They are quiet thick and that something i'm actually not used too but i am all for something a bit different now and again. Im not a huge fan of the casing as it its not that interesting but again this is just an every day work product for me so it doesnt have to be any thing special. I do however like the actual wand as i feel it make the gloss easy to apply. 

Im not sure how i feel about the price of these, i got mine a little cheaper as it was on offer in tesco and as i said my mum got me the other. usually i wouldn't was to pay around £5 just for a lipgloss that i wear to work but i did want to try these and i'm happy i do like them.  Maybe I'm just tight but i usally buy the £1.99 lipsticks from the natural collection in boots for work :). 

Over all i do like these glosses and i'm glad i finally got to try them out. My favourite is the Luna colour as i dont have any thing similar so its nice to try a different colour that works well with my skin tone :). 

Did any one not like these products ? 


  1. Amazing colours! Love the look of the Nude shade, really want to try them soon! Lovely post btw :) xx


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