My Cocktail

**Oooh Exciting package in the post **

I was contacted by My cocktail, a Manchester based drinks company and they asked if i wished to sample some of their cocktails. & of course being the cocktail lover that i am i gratefully/excitedly accepted :). 
They sent me  two flavours from the ready mixed range, including Lime MarGOrita and  Strawberry DaiqGOri
You can either freeze them or just have them chilled in the fridge.
I just put them in the fridge cause i  didn't have an actual 'planned occasion' when i could drink them so i just thought i would have one when i fancied :) 
Me and my flatmates decided to have a pizza, drinks & Band Hero night so i thought greattt, perfect time to try them :) 

I started with the Lime MarGOrita and I LOVEDDDD it ! I always choose Lime flavoured cocktails as i am a massive fan of the Mojito, so naturally i like this drink! My friend had the strawberry DaiqGOri one, I don't really like strawberry drinks but i still tried a bit of hers and it was nice, but she really loved it. 
We decided we would buy these, perfect to take to festivals or just to take to friends 'pre drinks'.

Thank you My cocktail for giving me the opportunity to try these!
You have won me over :P

Has any one else tried these drinks? 
Or any of the other My cocktails?

P.s - PLEASE excuse the awful photo of me :| was having a no makeup day ! 


  1. These sound lovely and band hero night sounds amazing lol
    Kirsty x

    1. It is great fun ! and they are amaaazingg :) you should try them out !!

      Alex xx


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