Review: Dior Extase Mascara


Hi there, just realised i had this draft just sitting amongst my posts so i thought i best post it :).
Slightly busy at the moment due to working a bit more, exam revision and up and coming projects but i still hope to post as often as i can :).

Anyyy wayyy on to the beautifull Mascara i bought at the beginning of the month. I went in to Selfridges just wanting something new from the beauty section, thinking it would be MAC but the mac counter was really busy so i thought i'd look around at the other sections first! and i thought about what i actually NEED. I currently own two Rimmel mascaras that are coming close to the end so i thought why not get a new one. i have been told that the MAC mascara is rubbish ?? so i thought i best look else where.

I was very much drawn in to Dior by one of the lovely ladies saying..
 'heyyy do you want to try this new amazing lipgloss' 
and im usually a no thanks kind of girl but i felt spontaneous and said yeaaa. So i did try a  beautiful new lipgloss but i didnt really neeeed it so i asked about the mascaras instead and she suggested this one after i said i like something dark and what makes my lashes look longer :). 

This one certainly does, not crazily longer but as much as they are going to go (i have short lashes). i like the way it is easily applied and only needs one quick coat. 

I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a high end product. I made my mum buy it whilst on a shopping trip with her :P. But i wouldnt wear it every day as i like to save my expensive products for 'best'

I love the bags they put your'e products in and they usually pop a little sample in too (i got perfume). 


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