Manchester Museums | Plat Fields Park

I went on my first 'school trip' with uni yesterday ! we went to Platt fields hall gallery it features costumes from previous centuries and also an exhibition that changes every so often. it is only a small gallery but is a lovely and interesting building.

Personally i did not enjoy it as i have a BIG fear of Mannequins which is terrible due to the fact i want a fashion based career but i just do not like them and i do not like to be near them so it makes my expenience in gallaries and museums less enjoyable especially in small confinded rooms! 

However the current exhibition they have features dresses made primarily from paper which i think is rather interesting and quiet a good skill as i am sure working with paper is not as easy as a material ! 

Also the exhibition that is permanent is interesting too it features hats, shoes and costumes from the 20th century. i have tried to locate the website online but they don't seem to have one i did however find this site i any one is interested in it. 

I managed to take a few photos whilst there but not many due to my phobias :| haha.
 (i suppose it is laughable) 

The paper dress exhibition :)

The other collections.

I hope to go back there to view other exhibitions when they change ! 

Alex ox. 

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