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You may have seen from my previous post that this year we decided to buy a new house! I say decided but we sort of just fell into to it really! We had no plans to move but we went for nosy one day and decided to make it happen. We have been in around 8 weeks now and it has flown by! We spent two days moving ourselves in and unpacking which actually rather straight forward and less stressful than expected.

We have been slowly choosing furniture and trying to get rooms sorted and we are making pretty good progress so far. The first big thing to arrive was our table from Barker & Stonehouse. We instantly fell in love with this table, it was just what we where looking for and knew it would be a perfect fit. When I suggested pink & grey chairs Darren was a little apprehensive and so was our sales adviser in the store but I knew it would look fabulous! We went for the Kokomo reclaimed wood dining table. We choose 3 Rosa Rivington velvet chairs and 3 grey chairs. When they arrived 5 out of the 6 chairs where marked which was frustrating however the customer care team got this sorted for us pretty quickly and arranged delivery for new chairs however now out of the 5 new chairs 2 of those are still damaged which is annoying but they are going to replace again fingers crossed. 

Another fabulous piece we choose was our bed from the Luxury Bed company we had been eyeing these up on Instagram for a little while and when we saw they had a discount on one weekend we took the plunge and ordered a royal blue velvet bed! A very bold choice but defiantly the right one as it makes a great statement in our bedroom. We found some gorgeous curtains that are the exact match in Next which look amazing  matched with a brushed gold curtain pole and hold backs. 

Another company that we found on Instagram was Farm House Furniture we loved their bespoke designs and the fact you could choose any Farrow & Ball colour to have it painted. We decided to order a TV unit and Coffee table, I must say these where rather expensive but worth it as the quality is amazing and they just look beautiful in our living room. I cant wait to buy more furniture and accessories for the living room as it still looks pretty bare at the moment. 

We have pretty much completed our spare bedrooms as we used the furniture from our old house and just had to buy a few bits and pieces so they where easy to sort fairly quickly. 

Our next purchases need to be lights as we currently have no light fittings in the house apart from in the spare bedrooms which are ones we had from our old house. I have seen a few things that I like so hopefully we will be able to order those soon. 

I am learning it wont all come together as quick as I want, not only because we cant afford everything at once but also because we need to take our time choosing things and making sure they are perfect rather than rushing in and regretting decisions we make. This is our forever home so we don't mind spending a lot of money on pieces that will last us a long time.

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