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Travel is never a waste of time or money- it’s a chance to open your mind, experience new things and have a whole lot of fun. However, if you’ve not travelled in a while or suffer with a condition like anxiety then it’s natural to be nervous about being far away from home for extended periods. If you find travel a little daunting, these ideas might help. 

Go on a stay-cation
Travelling foreign lands is incredibly rewarding and interesting, you get to experience new cultures, weather conditions, landscapes, food and people. However, it’s important not to overlook the country right under your feet, and when it comes to travel, chances are there’s plenty of things on your own home soil that you’re yet to discover. Staycations can be things like road trips, camping and boating holidays in the country that you live in. You could explore beaches, cities, countryside- pretty much anything you’d do if you were abroad. A staycation can be a great option if you’re a nervous flyer since there’s no plane travel involved, you don’t need to worry about things like exchanging currency, planning airport transfers or anything else. It can be a good way to travel for the first time, even if it’s as a ‘test run’ for a holiday abroad. Being away from home, even if it’s just at a local campsite helps you to work out what you need to bring with you, how you will cope and much more. 

Book a shorter and closer trip
The first time you go on a foreign holiday as a nervous traveller, it makes sense to book a shorter, easier trip first. Keep the plane journey to just a few hours, and consider booking for a few days rather than a long stretch like two weeks. Again, it allows you to experience boarding a plane and figure out exactly what you need to bring, as it’s only a short and easy trip even if things go wrong and you really don’t enjoy it it’s not the end of the world and you’ll soon be back on solid ground. At least when it comes to booking a longer holiday you know what to avoid, what will make life easier and since you’ve already done it before you know exactly what to expect. 

Consider a cruise
Cruises are great for everyone, they fell out of fashion for a while but are now back with a vengeance. With tons of cool cruise ships offering luxury getaways to amazing destinations, they’re something that just about anyone would enjoy. However, they can be particularly good if you’re a bit daunted by travel and don’t like planes. You get to travel but without being constrained in a seat, you have all of the luxuries of the ship and can easily go back to your room if you get tired or anxious. You get to see multiple locations on one trip so it’s really fulfilling and exciting, and while you travel from place to place you have shops, restaurants, attractions and amenities to enjoy on the boat. Check out cruises sailing from Southampton and see what works for your budget and timescale. You can see my latest post with my top cruise tips here>>

Hire a car
Hiring a car when you’re on holiday is an essential for some travellers, but even if it’s not something you’d usually do, it’s worth it if you struggle being away from home. You can easily get from A to B without having to rely on public transport and can get back to your accommodation if you find you’re feeling overwhelmed. You can simply fill the boot of the car each day and know you have everything you need which can be reassuring

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