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I recently wrote a post all about how we where looking at moving house, this was a little over a month ago now and A LOT has happened since then. As this is our second house I wanted to document the journey as much as possible not only to help others and offer my own advise as we go through the journey but to also look back on this and think ah it was allll worth it! 

It is often said that Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life - and so far I agree. We have had so many ups and downs and changes over the last month. We have cried, celebrated, got excited then been let down and cried again, lets just say it has been a  rollercoster of emotion. 

Firstly, our house went up for sale, we had 2 viewings the Friday Night 2 the Saturday and 2 the Sunday. On the Saturday we received our first offer which was low but expected. As the sales office closed we where unable to accept or reject at that point. We also had a meeting with our mortgage adviser who drafted our mortgage in principal. On the Monday we let the estate agent know that we will decline the offer after 3 back and forth phone calls they offered us the full amount and we was delighted. However prior to this on the Sunday morning we received a phone call telling us the house we wanted had sold! We where gutted and pretty fuming as we where told that no-one else had interest in it and it could be ours as soon as we had an offer on our own house. That's it, the dream is over we thought! We went back to the development site and spoke to the sales assistant who said that the house next door was still available but it was more expensive. As this was the show home we decided to have a look around it again and have a think about it! Obviously the house was beautiful and we loved it but the finances may permit us from going for it. We had a chat with a mortgage advisor over the phone who assured us we would get what we needed if we wanted to pursue the other house so we went home and did some workings out to check affordability. 

The next step for us was to meet with our mortgage adviser once again, we choose to go with someone independent (previously just going through the bank) as we thought it would give us a lot more options. He came to our house and went through all the details we needed to so that he could make some recommendations. As we are using a Help to buy equity loan we had to go through this paperwork too and ensure we where 100% happy with what finances are available to us. After lots of paperwork signing and finance chats we finally got settled with a mortgage offer we where happy with (after having to shuffle various things around - I wont bore anyone with the details and stress).

Tranby Fields plot plan
Tranby Fields Plots (We are 121)

For us to make the property work for us we had to go through the help to buy equity loan, we agreed that they would fit all flooring for us, they also agreed to paying part of our stamp duty and part of our deposit. This caused a lot of drama with our mortgage but after a few weeks it was finally sorted.

Once this was in place we made contact with our solicitor to get the ball rolling! Nearly 17 weeks on we are now exchanging contracts!! we have a move date of the 21st June (only 40 days away) so I am super excited!!

I am sure I shall update you again soon with more trials, tribulations and dramas and hopefully beautiful photos of our new home!

P.S We have started a new Insta account for our house so feel free to give us a follow: @FullerHoldenHome


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