Exploring Manchester | Travel*

Last Friday my husband and decided to have a night away in Manchester! As we both lived in Manchester for a number of years we often drive over to visit friends and spend time there. I would say its one of my favourite UK cities and if it wasn't for previous circumstances we would probably have still lived there now, however, I do love being able to drive down the M62 to visit. Some friends had bought us a hotel gift voucher as a wedding gift last year and as it was our 10 years of being together anniversary this month we decided to use the voucher and enjoy a night away. 
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Summer Lovin’ | The Essentials That Every Woman Needs Ahead Of Summer 2019 [AD]

To be totally honest, I’ve been kidding myself that it’s summer ever since the clocks changed. However, the truth is that the long hot days of summer are now edging closer by the day, meaning it’s time for everyone to get excited. I know I am.

Here’s all you need to make 2019 the best summer ever!
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Celebrating Easter with delicious treats | Gifted*

How great is it when you are at work and then a delivery arrives for you! This amazing little box dropped on to my desk yesterday and I was too excited to delve inside but I had to refrain so that I could take a couple of snaps to share with you all too.

When I got asked if I would like to receive a delivery from Biscuiteers I jumped at the chance as I have been wanting to try these for ages! I have seen them included in lots of PR packages and new brand releases that my favourite YouTubers 'unbox' on their channels. I felt pretty excited that I would receive my very own beautifully decorated package. 

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